#!/usr/bin/env bash # Pharo IoT Server and Client Zeroconf Raspberry Pi

Pharo IoT Server and Client Zeroconf Raspberry Pi

This script downloads client.zip file that contain:

  • Pharo7 image 32 bit
  • Pharo ARM VM
  • Pharo IoT server and client installed
  • Plattaform

    Raspberry Pi running Raspbian


    wget -O - get.pharoiot.org/client | bash


    pharoScript to run Pharo in the headless mode
    pharo-uiScript to run Pharo in UI mode
    pharo-server/Start pharo in headless mode with TelePharo listening on port 40423 TCP
    vm/Directory containing the VM

    Pharo IoT Server and Client Example

    Start Pharo IoT server:./pharo-server
    Open Pharo user interface:./pharo-ui
    Start the server (Playground):TlpRemoteUIManager registerOnpPort:40423
    Inspect the local bord (Playground):(RpiBoard3B current) inspect
    Connect in other Pharo IoT (Playground):remotePharo := TlpRemoteIDE connectTo: (TCPAddress ip: #[192 168 1 200] port: 40423).

    If you want to improve the content of this page, do the changes and make a Pull Request in the file https://github.com/pharo-iot/Ci/blob/master/docs/client/index.html